Solutions Incorporation
job location Greater Kailash I, Delhi
salary 25,000 - 40,000 per month
job experience 4 - 6+ years Experience in Legal
verified_job Verified
5 Vacancies
full_time Full Time

Job Highlights

Graduate and above
Males Only
10:30 AM - 08:00 PM | 6 days working
Job Benefits: Cab

Job Description

  • Drafting, vetting and reviewing legal documents
  • Providing legal advice and guidance on all kinds of legal matters
  • Ensuring compliance of laws and regulations for all operations in an organization

Other Details

  • It is a Full Time Legal job for candidates with 4 - 6+ years Experience.

More about this Advocate job

  1. What is the eligibility criteria to apply for this Advocate job?
    Ans: The candidate should be Graduate and above and above with 4 - 6+ years Experience of experience
  2. How much salary can I expect for this job role?
    Ans: You can expect a salary of ₹25000 - ₹40000 per month that depends on your interview. It's a Full Time job in Delhi.
  3. How many working days are there for this Advocate job?
    Ans: This Advocate job will have 6 working days.
  4. Are there any charges applicable while applying or joining this Advocate job?
    Ans: No, there is no fee applicable for applying this Advocate job and during the employment with the company, i.e., SOLUTIONS INCORPORATION.
  5. Is it a work from home job?
    Ans: No, it’s not a work from home job and can't be done online.
  6. How many openings are there for this Advocate role?
    Ans: There is an immediate opening of 5 Advocate at SOLUTIONS INCORPORATION
  7. Who can apply for this job?
    Ans: Only Male candidates can apply for this Legal job.
  8. What are the timings of this Advocate job?
    Ans: This Advocate job has 10:30 AM - 08:00 PM timing.
Candidates can call HR for more info.
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Contact Person

Karishma Sayaroba Naik
Posted 4 days ago
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