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Popular Questions

What is an online Resume maker?faq
An online Resume Maker or Resume Builder is a tool, using which you can build your Resume by sharing the important details like name, age, qualification, experience etc.
Can I make a Resume on my Phonefaq
Yes! Now, you can simply make a Resume using your phone. You need to Download the Job Hai application, go to the profile section, enter the required details and easily download your Resume.
What is the Purpose of a Resume?faq
A Resume is a brief of your qualifications & skills, and a summary of your academics, career and overall experience.
  • Resume is a short description of your professional career
  • Resume helps the Recruiter or HR, to get some basic information about your profile
  • The length of a Resume is 1-2 pages. You can make your resume on Job Hai App, using “Job Hai Resume builder”
How to create a Resume for Freshers?faq
Resume for Fresher should comprise following points
  • Your educational qualifications
  • Your areas of interest (Role & Categories)
  • Any Internships that you have done
  • Your Hobbies and Skills
How can you create a Resume using Job Hai Resume builder?faq
Download Job Hai app from Playstore, and create a profile by filling all your details like:
  • Name
  • Basic Details ( Qualification, Languages Known, Email id, Age & Gender)
  • Other Details ( Work industry)
  • Skills

After creating your profile, click on the profile tab and at the bottom you can click on Free Resume and your resume will be available for download.
Which Resume format is best for Freshers?faq
Job Hai gives you free Resume builder from where you can make a Resume for a freshers by filling the required details
What is the difference between a CV & Resume?faq
The main differences between CV and Resume are as follows:
  • Curriculum Vitae or CV is a detailed history of your work experience, academics, where as the Resume is a brief of your qualification and skills.
  • The length of the CV can be more but the length of the Resume is 1-2 pages.
  • You can make your Resume on Job Hai app using Job Hai Resume maker
Why Job Hai Resume maker is the best Free online tool to create a Resume?faq
This is why you should use Job Hai Resume maker:
  • Job Hai Resume builder helps you create a Resume for free by picking all your details from profile i.e. Name, Qualification, Experience, Salary Expectation
  • You can download the Resume and share it with the HR
Can I Download the Resume created by Job Hai Resume maker?faq
Job Hai Resume builder gives you an option to download the Resume. You can also share the Resume over WhatsApp and other channels to HR.
What are the benefits of having a Resume?faq
Following are the benefits of having a Resume:
  • A Resume is a brief of your overall career and experience, which helps the HR or Recruiter, to go through information of your career so far
  • It should also inform the employer of your career objectives (the job you are seeking), and communicate in a concise manner, the benefits you will bring to the job if hired

Resume Builder - Know Everything About Job Hai Free Resume Maker

In this competitive job market where everyone tries to outperform others, an excellent and meticulously crafted resume significantly boosts your opportunity to acquire employment. Some employers pay close attention to this specific document and spend minutes evaluating it, while some review it in as little as 10 seconds. It acts as a bridge between you and the recruiters, making it critical to create an attractive resume.

You are not alone if you need a resume but don't know where to start. Many people find it complex to condense decades of school and professional experience onto one page. This article will provide much-needed insight into how to make a biodata.

Resume: Importance And Benefits

A resume speaks volumes about you as a professional, regardless of whether it is a single-paper or two-page document. It is a prerequisite to move ahead in the interview process. Hence, precisely pen a resume or CV showcasing your skills and achievements.

Some of the notable benefits of a Biodata are:

  • Draws the attention of potential employers and recruiters
  • Sells your valuable abilities and achievements
  • Demonstrates how you are a good fit for a position or project
  • Lastly, it lands you a job interview
  • It acts as a marketing tool, similar to a direct mailer, to promote your candidacy

What All Things Must Be Included In A Resume?

A well-structured resume or CV effectively highlights your enticing talents and abilities to potential employers. It is better to keep your resume concise and to the point.

All in all, there is a lot of pressure to place on one document. As terrifying as this may sound, you can simplify this issue by keeping a few things in mind. Here is a rough idea of what you should add to your resume:

  • Personal details
    • Full name
    • Contact Information
      • Phone Number
      • Email address
  • Career Objective
    • Outline your career ambitions
    • Give a short summary of your experience
  • Educational background
    • Courses and degrees
    • Include your high-schooling details
    • Special study areas
    • Plus awards or achievements
  • Work Experience
    • List your latest job with the position
    • Use bullet points to provide a glimpse of your responsibilities and achievements
    • Internships and volunteer work
  • Skills, interests, and strengths
    • Include relevant professional memberships
  • References
    • Contact and company details of your former employer

How Can A Fresher Make A Resume?

Writing a CV or resume when you have no experience is challenging. How can you persuade recruiters that you have what it takes to succeed when you have no job experience to back up your claim?

You can follow these five steps to creating a powerful Biodata that reflects your talents as a graduate:

1. About Me Section

An "About Me" introduction is preferable for freshers than a resume summary. The latter centers on work-related accomplishments and is thus more suitable for experienced job applicants.

As a fresher, you should highlight your goals and strengths in your resume's "About me" section. Job Hai Resume Builder automatically generates an "About Me" section, which is suitable for a fresher.

2. Utilize Correct Keywords

The trick to crafting a decent resume and increasing your chances of scoring an interview is customizing it for each position you apply for.

Employers want to know that you properly read the job description and understand the work requirements. Therefore, include resume keywords throughout your biodata to indicate your validity. Resume keywords suggest the responsibilities you will perform and traits that will help you thrive at the job.

3. Highlight Your Education

If you do not have any relevant professional or volunteer experience and are trying to cover a page with your resume, accent your education section instead.

Here is what you can do to beef up your education section on your resume:

  • Mention your GPA
  • List your honors and awards 
  • Include relevant courses

4. Write Transferable Skills

You've certainly mastered a slew of transferrable talents over your academic experience. Computer skills, public speaking, language skills, communication, etc., are a few examples. These are hard and soft skills that firms in all sectors value because they make employees more well-rounded and versatile. 

5. Proofread

Going over your resume one last time will help you identify and rectify grammatical issues, repetitious wording, and other resume flaws that might lose you the job. Ideally, you can use an online resume maker for freshers to write an error-free resume.

How To Create A Resume?

Your resume represents your most recent skills and experiences, agreed. But how to make a resume? 

  • With only a few moments to create an impression, the emphasis should be on making the resume easy to read; resist cramming as much information as possible onto the page.
  • Select layouts with F-pattern and E-pattern; for instance, you can bold job titles and write accomplishments in bulleted lists.
  • Write simple, attractive, neat layouts with defined titles and section headings. 
  • Use short declarative sentences when discussing accomplishments than paragraph-length details, as they are easier to remember.
  • The style and font of your resume must be smooth and easy to read. 
  • While at it, double-check your spelling and grammar to minimize errors.

Job Hai Resume Builder

It is not a mystery that having a good resume equals days of thinking and hard work. And it does even end there! The time recruiters spend on the second page depends on how captivating the first page is.

What if you can create an eye-catching resume without putting much effort, only a few clicks? Well, good for you! Using an efficient and reliable online resume maker, you can compose an impressive resume in a blink. Whether you are a fresher or an experienced job seeker, Job Hai, a biodata-making website, offers an exquisite resume builder to ease your task!

Job Hai Resume Builder Features

It is ignorant to underestimate the importance of a resume or CV Maker. It facilitates you in attaining your dream job. But, it is necessary to build a flawless biodata to do that. There is no need to worry if you have never written one. With Job Hai online resume builder on your side, creating the ideal resume for several categories such as Delivery Resume, Driver Resume, Data Entry Resume, Customer Support Resume, Sales Resume, Marketing Resume, Teacher Resume, IT Resume, Accountant Resume is simple. It offers multiple features:

  • Simple and clean templates for adding the biodata and other details
  • Time-efficient
  • User-friendly 
  • Easy to design, modify, and revise
  • No matter what job you are looking for, you can alter your resume to meet your needs

Why Use Job Hai Resume Builder?

There are tons of resume makers or CV Makers on the web. Unfortunately, only a few of them meet the expectations. You can avail of the following benefits by using Job Hai free resume builder:

  • Allows you to create a CV or Resume effortlessly in a few clicks 
  • Convenient and mobile-friendly 
  • Enables you to access information 24x7 from any location
  • Allows you to download your resume or CV for free
  • It helps you avoid awkward formatting errors that might cost you your dream job
  • Allows you to use its resume PDF maker feature
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