How to Become a Marketing Manager? Functions of Marketing Management?

By: Job Hai | December 9, 2022 2 min read
How to Become a Marketing Manager? Functions of Marketing Management?

A strategy to enlighten the public about your products and services can help your company to evolve its identity and increase its customer base. A marketing strategy is key to how a company grows and holds its business plans. But what is marketing management? We will explore that in this article!

What is Marketing Management?

Marketing management refers to the policies, tools and analyses used in endorsing a business. Businesses use marketing management techniques to recognize opportunities for growth and link effectively with new target markets. It merges advertising efforts across platforms to promote a brand’s image and gain as many potential customers as possible.

What are the Functions of Marketing Management?

Various functions of Marketing Management needed to fulfill consumer wants are :

  1. Marketing Research is the mindful study of the product’s outline, markets, and other activities. It is intended to provide management with precise information. 
  2. Product Planning Development is supervising the search for goods, sorting development, and commercializing the latest products.
  3. Packaging helps to contain, secure, and locate a product. It is a powerful sales tool.
  4. Advertising aims to promote the sale of products.
  5. Distribution Management is the distribution of products which includes a long series of brokers between the producer and consumer.

What does a Marketing Manager do?

Marketing managers have many responsibilities on their shoulders. They lay together estimates and budgets for all marketing operations and oversee every step of the review process. Marketing managers work with advertising companies, negotiate, arrange sales and contracts, and review advertising material such as print, TV, and online.

How to Become a Marketing Manager?

Step 1 – Earn a Bachelor’s Degree

Step 2 – Get proper work experience 

Step 3 – Search for an Entry level marketing position 

step 4 – Grow your knowledge in marketing Abilities


As marketing management performs various tasks to achieve a company’s goals, which are set in its mission statement, it is the backbone of a successful and reputable business.

By leading a team and developing a marketing strategy that meets the company’s goals, such as increasing profits or building brand awareness, marketing managers are critical to a company’s success the company. Moreover, if you are looking to join a company as a marketing manager, you can check Job Hai, as it has various listings in the field.


Q1. Who is a Marketing manager?

The marketing manager is responsible for the association’s promotion and display efforts. Devises plans to enhance brand visibility and reputation within a predetermined budget.

Q2. What are the objectives of Marketing management?

Below are some of the primary objectives of marketing management: 
1. Development of customer satisfaction and demand
2. Market share
3. Producing profits 
4. Building trust and a positive public image.

Q3. What do you mean by Marketing management?

Marketing management is the process of conceptualizing, pricing, promoting, and disseminating ideas, goods, and services to create exchanges that meet individual and organizational goals.