How Does SEO Works? Types, Salary and Career

By: Job Hai | December 9, 2022 5 min read
How Does SEO Works? Types, Salary and Career

You must have heard numerous times that SEO is extremely important to increase the visibility of your content, that it is essential to bring relevant traffic to your website – that it is a vital part of any digital marketing strategy. Well, that is very true! SEO has become an inseparable part of the digital marketing industry. But have you ever wondered what SEO is? And how does SEO work? Well, if you have and you want to know the answers, you’re at the right place! This article will help you understand what SEO is all about.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a type of digital marketing strategy that aims to raise the visibility of a website in search results on various search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. Higher visibility of your website means more visitors. This strategy will give you more opportunities to convert prospects into customers.

How does SEO Works?

All search engines use different algorithms and bots to identify websites and choose how to rank them for specific keywords – there are separate rankings for each possible keyword. Search engines operate in three stages:

1. Crawling

Crawling is the process of discovering and rediscovering new and existing web pages by search engines. Crawlers, also referred to as spiders, use links to discover and rediscover content, which is why internal linking and backlinking are essential for SEO.

2. Indexing

Indexing is how a search engine determines whether or not to use the content it has crawled. A crawled web page will be added to a search engine’s index if deemed worthy. 

3. Ranking

Search engines examine websites using algorithms to determine how to Pagerank them for different search queries. High-quality backlinks, relevant content, popularity, and information are all factors considered by search engine ranking algorithms. Three significant factors will influence your website’s search engine rankings:

  1. On-page optimization
  2. Off-page optimization
  3. Technical optimization 

What is On-Page SEO?

Optimizing the content of your web page for search engines and users is known as on-page SEO (also known as “on-site SEO”). On-page SEO practices commonly include optimizing title tags, content, internal links, and URLs.

What is Off-Page SEO?

Off-Page SEO (also called “off-site SEO”) refers to the actions you take outside of your website to improve your page’s ranking with search engines. It has all to do with your social media presence, link building, and a variety of other factors that do not have to be present on the page.

What is Technical SEO?

It is called “technical” because it has nothing to do with the website’s content or promotion. The primary goal of technical SEO is to optimize a website’s infrastructure.

How to do SEO for Websites?

Use the following tips to create the SEO strategy for your website:

  1. Perform proper keyword research
  2. Use keywords throughout your content (do not stuff keywords, use them only where they fit)
  3. Optimize for on-page, off-page and technical SEO
  4. Do not publish duplicate content
  5. Hyperlink your existing content
  6. Update your content regularly
  7. Speed up the pages’ load time (nobody likes sites that take forever to load)

SEO Interview Questions

Q1. What is Search Engine?

A search engine is a software system that allows users to find information on the Internet. Google and Yahoo are some popular search engines.

Q2. What is Keyword in SEO?

SEO keywords, commonly referred to as “keywords” or “keyphrases,” are terms added to online content to raise search engine ranks of the same.

Q3. What is Meta Tag in SEO?

Meta tags are text pieces that describe a page’s content; they appear in the source code of a page, not on the actual page.

Q4. What is Schema in SEO?

Search engines can identify, crawl, and index all of the website’s content with the help of a sitemap, which is a blueprint of any website.

Q5. What is Sitemap in SEO?

Search engines can identify, crawl, and index all of the website’s content with the help of a sitemap, which is a blueprint of any website.

Q6. What is Robot.txt in SEO?

Robots.txt aids in crawling the most crucial pages first and discourages bots from visiting less crucial ones.

Q7. What is a Backlink in SEO?

A backlink connects the content of one article to another through inbound linking.

What is the Salary of SEO Experts?

SEO Specialist salaries in India range from 2.0 Lakhs to 8.2 Lakhs per year, with an average annual salary of 3.9 Lakhs.

Is SEO a Good Career in India?

Yes, SEO is a promising career in India because:

  1. Digital Marketing is the fastest-growing industry, and there are numerous opportunities
  2. SEO professionals can make good money
  3. You achieve a comfortable work/life balance
  4. Individuals can challenge themselves creatively


Since organic search is the most prevalent way for people to find and access online material, having a solid SEO strategy is crucial for increasing the quality and quantity of website traffic. However, SEO is an ever-evolving practice, and you must be willing to adapt as the very mechanics of search engines change. Try to find what suits best for your website. If you are looking for a career in SEO, Job Hai is the best online job search platform to find jobs in India!


Q1. What is the Full Form of SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation.

Q2. What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization is a type of digital marketing that aims to raise the visibility of a website in search results on search engines.

Q3. How to Get a Job in SEO?

Online job portals like Job Hai have thousands of Search Engine Optimization jobs. You can start by exploring SEO jobs on Job Hai.

Q4. What are the Types of SEO?

There are numerous types of SEO. The major ones are On-page SEO, Off-page SEO and Technical SEO.

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