What Is Email Marketing And How Does It Work?

By: Job Hai | March 9, 2023 3 min read
What Is Email Marketing And How Does It Work?

Email is among the oldest digital communication modes, and its popularity has remained consistent. Having billions of global email users, it still outnumbers the much more widely used social media sites in terms of user count. 

Marketing professionals can interact with consumers more personally by reaching their personal space and inboxes through email. Furthermore, email marketing enables you to own the relationship with your consumer; you don’t have to stress over algorithms controlling your marketing schemes. This blog will talk about what is email marketing and how it works.

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What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a direct digital advertising approach in which emails communicate with a company’s target audiences. It requires distributing promotional or educational content. Email marketing raises brand or product recognition and creates sales or leads.

How To Do Email Marketing?

Here is how you can get a hold of your email marketing strategy:

1. Create A List

You can only launch promotional emails to an individual if you have someone to send them to. Thus, you must keep a list prepared in advance.

2. Setup An Email Service Provider

An ESP helps you to manage your audience, create your list, and mail the campaigns to the given list. You can also monitor the outcomes to optimise future efforts.

3. Be Regular

Though an audience may not prefer regular emails, it lets you stay relevant. Sending regular promotional emails surely creates a certain spot for your brand among the target audience.

Email Marketing Interview Questions

Q1. What is the Definition of an Email Marketing Strategy?

An email marketing strategy is used for promoting goods and services while nurturing interactions in a friendly and helpful manner using email communication.

Q2. What is Email Campaigning?

An email campaign is a collection of marketing activities addressed to many individuals at once via email.

Q3. What is Cold Email Marketing?

Cold emailing is a way to contact potential clients who do not know you. The goal of cold email marketing  is not to inform your target population about your goods or offerings.

Q4. Is Email Marketing Inbound or Outbound?

Email marketing can be both outbound and inbound; nevertheless, you have to choose which strategy is most effective and efficient for your company. 

What is the Salary of Email Marketing Experts?

Email Marketing Specialist salaries in India range from 1.9 Lakhs to 10.7 Lakhs per year, with an average yearly pay of 4.2 Lakhs.

Is Email Marketing a Good Career in India?

Email marketing is a great career option, especially for freshers in India. Here is why:

  • Indian companies want to hire innovative and energetic employees for new and better marketing campaigns. 
  • 91% of internet users check their email inboxes daily, which is why it is effective. 
  • Email marketing gives decent pay to freshers who are just out of college. 
  • There are various fields where you can find email marketing jobs in India. 


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Q1. What is Email Marketing in Digital Marketing?

Email marketing is a type of marketing in which you can inform clients on your email lists about new products, promotions, and other services.

Q2. Is Email Marketing Dead?

Email marketing continues to grow, including over 3.9 billion email subscribers globally.

Q3. How Effective is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a highly effective marketing solution as even today, the number of email users is much higher than social media users.

Q4. How to Get a Job in Email Marketing?

To get a job in email marketing, you must pursue a digital media and mass communication degree. Afterwards, you can pursue internships in the related niche and get a job.