What are the Different Types of Data Entry Jobs?

By: Job Hai | October 13, 2022 6 min read
What are the Different Types of Data Entry Jobs?

If you have a keen eye for detailing and a penchant for everything to be in a specific order, data entry is the right job for you. As technical as the job may sound, data entry has been around for many years. Companies from every sector manage vast amounts of data that need to be in a particular order for easy access. But since many companies have started outsourcing this practice, data entry jobs are resurging in the market and becoming hugely popular. So, before you begin applying for data entry jobs, let’s tell you about the types of data entry jobs to help you find out which suits your needs best.

Types of Data Entry Jobs?

When it comes to types of data entry, there are three different types- Offline and Online data entry. Let us explain to you all types and what types of service fall under these categories.

Offline Data Entry

Offline data entry, also known as basic or regular data entry job, is manually entering the data from one source to another. In this, you will have to type data on your own and store it at another place. For this, you will need basic knowledge of Excel or any other tool that your organization uses. Typing skill of 40- 50 words per minute is also required. Here are different offline data entry job types-

Plain Data Entry

In plain or direct data entry, you will have to read from a pdf document and then type it in word to make it editable. You will have to enter information in MS Word. It would be best if you had good reading and writing speed to do plain data entry.

Data cleaning

As the name suggests, a data specialist will be given a huge data set in this data entry job type. As a data specialist, you must remove certain data from the database. The data set can be in the form of an Excel sheet or a word file.


Also known as a word processor, the typist role is a bit more technical. As a typist, you will be typing letters and creating mail labels, graphs, charts, and reports. Most organizations provide training for this type of data entry job.

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These were offline data entry job types. However, considering we live in a world dominated by the internet and advanced technology, most of the data entry job type has shifted to online from offline.

Online Data Entry

Most of these online types of data entry jobs are outsourced by the organization to a third party as they are not required in-house. This data entry type can be done online from any remote location. Here are different types of data entry jobs online-

Filing forms online

In this, you will be provided with the dataset and forms. You will have to fill the forms with detailed data carefully. Sometimes, the data is not provided, and you might have to conduct thorough research by surfing the internet and filling out the form.

Online survey format

This type of data entry is required when companies want feedback for any specific service or product. The company will give you a questionnaire in an online survey, and you will have to fill in the answers on those forms. It may take around 5 to 20 minutes to fill out a questionnaire.

Data Capturing and entering

In this, you will have to gather data from various sources such as e-Magazine, e-Book, and websites and fill it in an Excel sheet or a word document.

Processing Emails

In this, you will be asked to go through thousands of emails daily and gather data in a particular form in an Excel sheet.

These are different types of data entry jobs online that you can look for if you want to make a career in the data entry sector.

The Newest Data Entry Type – Micro Jobs

Micro jobs are new in the market compared to online and offline data entry jobs. These include small data entry requirements, which can be done quickly but are often repeated. Here are the types of microdata entry job types-

Captcha: In this, you will have to solve multiple captchas every day. The task is mundane but can be done quickly.

Captioning: In this, you will have to write captions for images or news. This is an emerging job post and is hard to find.

Other Types of Data Entry

Data formatting: As the name suggests, the data formatting requires less entry and more reduction.

Re-formatting: You must align the data with guidelines and make it look professional.

Editing: Sound knowledge of the English language is mandatory. You will have to read the data and revise it using correct grammar thoroughly.

File conversion: You must convert the audio or image into a word file.

Image to word – You will be provided with images containing data and have to convert it into word format.

Audio to text: In this, you will have to listen to the audio and type it in a word file.

Medical transcription: You need a sound knowledge of medical terms to complete this task. Shorthand is also required. This data entry job pays well, among other types.

Medical coding: You will have to convert the healthcare diagnosis into alphanumeric terms.

Product entry: You will be responsible for recording the company’s products and specifications.

Payroll entry: This helps in keeping companies’ accounts in a systematic manner. You will have to enter an organization’s payroll as per the specifications.

The data entry job pays well and can be done from anywhere. You can either join as a full-time data entry clerk or as a part-time or even work remotely. You can check out data entry job openings at Jobhai.com. Some top organizations have again started hiring for data entry work, while some are outsourcing the requirements.


What is the meaning of online data entry jobs?

Online data entry means that the task is assigned online and is dispersed between a group of people. These tasks are done using different online tools. These online tasks may be assigned to a data entry specialist online or can be posted for bid among people.

What type of job is data entry?

Data entry is a type of clerical work. It includes typing, processing, voice recording, and such. Data entry specialists or clerks work in different industries.

What type of work is done in a data entry job?

The clerical job is available in different industries. It can be done manually or with the help of online tools. You can read about different types of data entry jobs above

What are some best data entry tools?

To be an efficient data entry operator, here are some tools that you should learn- Excel, EmailmeForm, Zoho Forms, Kaptiche – Helps, B2W Inform, iQapture, and PieSync.

Do I need to do a data entry course to get a job?

If you are planning to make this your career, then doing courses will surely help you in the longer run. You can search for online classes on eLearning sites and apply for the course.

Can I do a data entry job from the phone?

Not all types of data entry jobs can be done via phone. For example, some organization provides huge data set for entry, and it will take a lot of data and space to download the files.