What is BPO Job? Full Form & Functions of BPO

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What is BPO Job? Full Form & Functions of BPO

The BPO industry is rising as the number of companies/ organizations is increasing rapidly. In turn, this leads to more job opportunities in this sector. If you are interested in pursuing a career in this industry, you can choose from a wide range of opportunities. Read ahead to find out more about what is BPO, what is the full form of BPO, types of BPOs and its functions. 

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What is BPO Job?

Business Process Outsourcing is a contract in which an organization hires an external service provider to perform essential business tasks such as helping customers or clients with billing, purchasing, etc. In simpler words, it’s customer service or support. The third-party vendor or the external service provider performs tasks on the backend. These services include many functions, such as consulting, software development, outsourcing, and much more. There are immense job opportunities in the BPO sector.

A lot goes behind a successful organization. In this, the third party is responsible for carrying out all the business-related functions. Big business houses choose BPO as its cost-efficient, time-saving, and provides quality with higher efficiency. It also helps them in handling workflow at the time of peak work volume. Now that you know what is BPO job let us find out about the functions and types of BPO jobs.

Functions of BPO

To understand what BPO is, you first need to understand the main functions of BPO. The two main areas where companies contract with third-party BPO-

  1. Front Office Operation: includes sales, marketing, customer relation, and grievance redressal. 
  2. Back-office Operation: includes IT (Information Technology Services), quality assurance, payment processing, and much more. 

Companies tend to outsource not just one but various functions. They can either hire one vendor to perform all the tasks or different BPO vendors to perform some specific tasks. Majorly in the Manufacturing industry, manufacturers employ third-party vendors to handle some parts of their supply chain. 

Nowadays, BPO is used everywhere- in profitable organizations, non-profitable organizations, and the Government sector. In addition, it is used worldwide for purposes like customer support in many ways. 

Common outsourced Processes are:

● Research 

● Customer support

● Sales

● Shipping and logistics

● Telesales

● Marketing

● Administration 

● Payroll and accounting

● Data Analytics 

Job Opportunities in BPO industry

BPO industry consists of various technical and non-technical job profiles suitable for everyone. Check out the different job positions in the industry here- 

Customer Support


The most common type of position everybody is aware of. People with good communication skills work as telecallers. You can also opt for non-voice processes like chat and emails.

Back-end or Data Collector 

The positions under this are data entry operator and payroll processing operator. Entry-level work includes this. Further, you can keep on upgrading yourself and apply for better roles. 

Quality Analyst

The purpose here is to analyze the gathered information through call monitoring and improve the agent performance in the contact centre.

Salary Level in BPO jobs

Many people are interested in joining the BPO industry. They all should have an idea about the BPO salary and various perks. The table below gives an idea about the BPO salary at different levels.

Popular Jobs ProfileSalary Structure (Min to Max)
Call Center Representative₹ 1.1 – 4.0 Lakhs per year
Support Associate₹ 1.7 – 9.0 Lakhs per year
Technical Analyst₹ 3.1 – 10.0 Lakhs per year
Technical Support₹ 1.6 – 9.1 Lakhs per year
Call Center Representative₹ 0.96 – 4.0 Lakhs per year
Customer Care Specialist₹ 1.6 – 9.1 Lakhs per year
Outbound Call Center Representative₹ 1.0 – 4.0 Lakhs per year
BPO Executive₹ 1.0 – 4.0 Lakhs per year
Technical Support Analyst₹ 2.4 – 10.0 Lakhs per year
Technical Associate₹ 1.2 – 6.3 Lakhs per year

Some of the Top BPO companies in India

  1. Wipro
  2. Genpact
  3. Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)
  4. IBM
  5. WNS Global
  6. Suntec India
  7. UrbanTimer
  8. A1 Call Center
  9. Infosys
  10. Accenture

Responsibilities in BPO job

  • The primary role of the BPO employee is to handle calls from customers and clients. Then, after that, catering to customers’ needs and resolving the issue. 
  • They should be open to all types of questions and quick in learning new things.
  • Customer Service Manager- They supervise the team leaders and training managers. They are most likely to establish policies to support customers. They also need to make sure the demands of the customers are met. 
  • Team leader- They are responsible for managing various tasks. For example, they need to ensure that there are enough people to cater to the customers’ needs. They also handle angry customers and provide them with solutions. 

Other than this, the responsibilities change as per the job title. 


BPO is considered one of the most rewarding sectors regarding salary, flexibility and growth. With hard work and dedication, you can reach on top of the hierarchy wherever you join. While many other jobs try to avoid hiring freshers, this is one sector which provides freshers with a chance to train and learn from the basics. If you also want to work on a technical or a non-technical position in a BPO, you can check out various openings by visiting our homepage. So don’t wait anymore; join your dream job and kickstart your career today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the full form of BPO?

BPO stands for Business process outsourcing. It basically caters to the customers’ needs and handles different organizational tasks.

What are various perks other than the salary in BPO jobs?

Some of the other benefits of BPO jobs are – Provident funds, laptops, educational benefits, performance-based incentives, corporate credit cards, and much more.

Can I apply for BPO jobs after completing my 12th class?

Of course, you can apply after your class 12th for the entry-level job in BPO. You need to possess good communication skills.

Can I get a BPO job if I am not good at writing skills?

You can try to apply for voice-based outsourcing. In this, the writing skills don’t matter much. If you have your way with words, you will be able to crack this job.

Where can I find current openings in BPO sector?

You can visit Jobhai.com and search for jobs in the BPO sector. Upload your updated resume and apply for jobs.

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