Types of BPO: Requirements for BPO Job

By: Job Hai | September 19, 2022 6 min read
Types of BPO:  Requirements for BPO Job

Almost every fresher begins with a job in the BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) sector. Considered the backbone of the Information Technology industry, every large-scale business works in contract with BPOs. Working in BPO is also an excellent opportunity because it helps develop skills required to sustain in every other job. Here we will tell you all about the different types of jobs in BPO, offered salaries and more. Read ahead to find out! 

Types of BPO Jobs

Primarily, there are two types of jobs in BPO

  1. Voice-Based Outsourcing

The BPOs where you must talk to the customers for any purpose like support or sales. They work directly with the customers or the client. They deal in finance, data processing, accounting etc. 

The candidate has to be good at communication and have a lot of patience while working with customers. This further has two parts –

Inbound ProcessOutbound Process
In this, the employees have to receive and work through the incoming calls to answer the troubleshoot or queries of the customersIn this, the employees have to call the customers themselves, pitch and sell the services or products of the company they are working for.
For example- When a customer wants to report a bad review about a certain product. They will call the customer support of the company, people working in Inbound have to help them through their problem and generate a solution.For example- BPO employees working in outbound for a bank will call the customers (new and old) to sell their insurance or credit/debit cards.

2. Non-voice-based Outsourcing

In this type, the employee doesn’t have to talk verbally to the customers. They don’t have to make or attend specific calls. The communication can be done through emails or chats. They provide the solution to the customers, but the process works on conversations. A candidate needs to be really good at typing and writing to grab this job. 

Requirements for BPO Job

Here are the basic requirements one needs while applying for a job in BPO- 

Education Qualification

For non-technical voice-based BPO job- 12th pass or intermediate

For technical voice-based BPO job- B.Tech or B.com degree

Good communication skills

You should not hesitate or fumble while talking to the customer. The fluency should be accurate, and a good accent is preferred. 

Correct usage of English/Hindi

You should know the correct terms when telecalling or resolving a query. Likewise, the customer should be able to understand you. 

Patience and good listening skills

While dealing with customers, voice-based or non-voice based, the person has to be very patient and respectful. In addition, the voice should be presentable and should always sound helpful. 

Computer Knowledge

You should know the basic use of computer and web browsing activities. For some roles, the ability to write emails and chat messages is essential. M.S. Office should be at your fingertips. 

If working on the back end, the typing should be fast. Twenty-five words per minute is the moderate requirement.

Clear view of current market trends

You should be informed about all the ongoing trends related to the company you are working with. Keep on learning new things to stay in touch with the current market. 

Advantages of BPO Job

One of the main reasons the BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) sector is in high demand is its perks. Here are a few of the amazing benefits you get while working in a BPO- 

Always in demand

BPO-related jobs are in demand because of the growing number of organizations or companies. All companies need to outsource some part of their business tasks. This includes all the sectors such as business, technology, finance, health, management, manufacturing, etc. 

Career Advancement

Many think a BPO job is limited to specific skills. BPO employees are quick to learn everything and adaptable, ready to change or game up their careers. A level 1 executive, after some experience, can apply for other support roles such as supervisor, managerial, etc. Many different roles are open to them. 

Work-life balance

BPO employees generally have to work for 9 hours, five days a week. However, they get two days off, which can be utilized to relax and spend quality time with family. This means a well-balanced life.


BPO providers are pretty flexible with the timings and shifts. You can even pursue your further education while working there. At times, it could be tiresome, but the pay is good. 

High Salary 

The pay is relatively higher than other entry-level jobs. People can get selected even after 12th grade with a good salary package. 

These advantages increase even more if a reputed international company recruits you. The working hours might be troublesome, but the pay and other benefits are pretty good.


The BPO sector has a very bright future. In the coming ten years, it will flourish even more. The opportunities in this industry are rising exponentially. You can start early in this BPO industry by seeking entry-level jobs. Thus, with time as your experience increases, you will be able to grab better opportunities. The pay scale has also been improved and is rapidly moving upwards only. The job demand is also rising, and that’s why this industry is worth investing in. Learn the skills, practice your communications, do some courses in public relations and get used to working with MS Word and MS Excel. This is a great career choice keeping in mind the current scenario. You can check out the latest openings in the BPO sector at our site Jobhai.com and apply directly. With more than 2 Lakh job openings on our site, you can easily find your dream job here!


Is the BPO job good for freshers?

The BPO job is indeed a good career option for freshers as the job includes a lot of perks, as mentioned above, and the salary range is at par with any sector in the industry.

Is the BPO job only about calling?

Calling is one part of the BPO job. There are other job roles available in the BPO sector that does not include calling.

Is the interview process tough in the BPO sector?

The interview is the same as any other job interview. The interviewer will ask you questions about your previous job experience if you have any. The interviewer will ask about your skills and career ambitions for freshers.

Is working in a BPO job stressful?

No, the BPO sector boasts of the most flexible work hours and a balanced environment. One of the main reasons why people join BPO sector is because it is not stressful.