What is Telemarketing? Types, Salary and Career

By: Job Hai | October 14, 2022 6 min read
What is Telemarketing? Types, Salary and Career

At some point in life, you must have received a call where the caller would’ve tried to sell you a product or inform you about a newly launched product, right? Most of the time, we get annoyed by these calls but know what? This is one of the greatest mediums to create brand awareness and business revenue. Sounds interesting? The telemarketing profession is respectable and pays well. Read ahead to find out what telemarketing is, what is telemarketing executive and what are their roles, qualifications, skills, and salary.

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What is Telemarketing?

Let’s break the word into two- tele of telephone and marketing. In simple words, telemarketing is the art of selling products and services over the telephone. These calls are often listed in the category of cold calls. Cold calls are those calls where the recipient has not requested the caller to contact them.

Telemarketing companies buy data from a third party and make calls. Sometimes, they even have details about the receiver’s profession and location. These telemarketers pitch the products to the receivers and convince them to buy a particular product or service. The calls can be regarding a product, survey, service, or feedback. Now that you know what is telemarketing let us find out the job role.

What is the Work of a Telemarketing Executive?

Here is the key work area of a telemarketing executive-

  1. Making phone calls to clients from the consumer directory
  2. Ensuring consistency of the sales program as per the sales pitch script
  3. Answering potential clients’ queries about the product or service you are selling
  4. Generating a particular number of leads as per your company’s policy
  5. Setting meetings and calls with consumers to make the sale
  6. Sending your consumer’s queries to another department as per the requirement
  7. Training other telemarketers to ensure a smooth process

Why a Telemarketing job?

The dynamic job role includes responsibilities of various other job roles such as sales executive, customer service executive and customer relationship executive. An individual passionate about connecting with people is a perfect candidate for the telemarketing role. You will be able to make an impact on a lot of people and contribute to generating higher revenue for your company. There are incentives for every customer you bring as well. Fun fact: you will get to talk to a lot of people and can encounter a lot of moments you will remember for a lifetime.

Qualifications Required to Become a Telemarketer

Here is the qualification required to become a telemarketer-

  1. Pass certificate of 10+2
  2. Diploma or bachelor’s degree
  3. Basic knowledge of computer
  4. English or Hindi Language proficiency

What are the Types of Telemarketing?

Majorly there are 4 different types of telemarketing to help bring profit to businesses.

1. Outbound telemarketing

Also known as cold calling, outbound telemarketing is where the telemarketer will make the call to customers. The telemarketer will then explain the product and services they offer and try to convince you to avail of them.

2. Inbound telemarketing

Inbound telemarketing is where the consumers will place the call to the telemarketer executive. The consumers call after watching an advertisement or coming across the services or products themselves.

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3. Lead Generation

In this type of telemarketing, the businesses collect personal, professional and demographic information about the potential customers. Once the information is collected, telemarketers make calls or connect with these customers to make sales. It can be done via advertisements, business expos, social events, the internet and such.

4. Sales

In sales, the telemarketers make calls to these customers and pursue them to buy a service or product the company is offering to generate more revenue.

Salary and Career Scope in Telemarketing

The average base salary of a telemarketer starts from INR 15,000 per month. Though the salary figure varies as per the states. Here’s a table for you to understand how the telemarketer salary varies-

CityMonthly Salary in INR 
Gurgaon₹ 18,000
Chennai₹ 16,000
Bengaluru₹ 18,000
Pune₹ 15,000
Kolkata ₹ 15,000
Delhi₹ 16,000

Telemarketing is a direct selling channel and has garnered a reputation amongst fresher because of good pay and work-life balance. Some of the top companies recruit telemarketers, such as WIPRO BPO, HDFC, Daksh by IBN and more.

Telemarketing Interview Questions

To ensure your job in telemarketing, you will have to prepare answers to all the interview questions. Here are key questions along with the answers-

1. What do you know about telemarketing?

Telemarketing deals with the direct selling of products and services a company offers. There are four different types of telemarketing- outbound, inbound, sales and lead generation. For example, why you should opt for a dish service instead of the cable or why use a certain soap instead of the body wash you are using.

2. Why do you want to work in telemarketing?

The job will help you develop skills and acquire different types of data, which can prove to be a lot more learning than just reading about it somewhere. It will also help in developing interpersonal skills that is essential in any job.

3. What are the duties of a telemarketer?

A telemarketer is responsible for talking to and convincing potential customers to try your products and services. You will have to gather potential leads’ contacts, explain these products to them, and generate more revenue for your company.

These were key responsibilities of a telemarketer, along with the skills, qualifications and career scope of telemarketing in India. If you are also seeking a job in this domain, you can learn about current openings at Jobhai.com and apply for telemarketing jobs.


What does a telemarketer do?

A telemarketer connects with the leads and converts them into consumers by offering them different products and services.

What does telemarketing mean?

products and services to increase sales. It can also be done for advertising your products.

What is the role of a telemarketing representative?

A telemarketing representative collects all the demographic data and then calls the customers or receives their calls and advertises the products and services.

How to be good at telemarketing?

To be good at telemarketing, you will have to be a great communicator. You need to learn how to convince people, which can only be done if you are convinced that your product is of the best quality.

Is telemarketing a good career?

Telemarketing is a viable career option for freshers as it will help you in developing the skills necessary in any job field. It will also help you understand how the sales domain work.

Is telemarketing an easy job?

While the job offers various perks and incentives, telemarketing is not easy at all. It takes a lot of time and effort to convince any person to try your product and leave their comfort zone. Once you master the art, it can turn out to be easy.

What is the difference between sales and Telemarketing?

Telemarketing uses a script and you connect with people over call whereas in sales you can easily connect face to face and then sell.

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