What Does a Teacher Do? How To Become A Teacher?

By: Job Hai | February 28, 2023 4 min read
What Does a Teacher Do? How To Become A Teacher?

A great nation is established within the four walls of a classroom by a teacher. Now to answer the question ‘what is a teacher?’ A teacher is a person in a noble profession. It is the foundation for all other professions. Doctors, scientists, engineers, artists, dramatists, singers, builders, and all other professionals are all created by teachers. 

A career in teaching can be a gratifying choice for persons interested in instructional education, assisting others, and contributing to their communities’ academic progress. Various qualifications, prerequisites, and processes must be completed to become a teacher. This article will answer all your questions regarding teaching as a career.

What is a Teacher?

A teacher is an important figure in a student’s life since he shapes a student’s life with his knowledge, patience, and love. A teacher imparts academic information, ethical principles, and moral values that assist students in shaping their personalities as better human beings. They represent an open book and attempt to share their life experiences to create a better tomorrow. 

What Does a Teacher Do?

A teacher’s primary responsibility is to provide classroom education for students to learn. Teachers accomplish this by executing the following tasks, which may vary depending on the school and level of education:

  • Make and teach efficient courses.
  • Grading student work and providing comments to students and parents
  • Establishing and enforcing classroom rules.
  • Work with other instructors, faculty, and administration.
  • Learn several teaching approaches to improve their effectiveness.

How To Become A Teacher?

Here is the path on how to become a teacher in India.

1. Set your goal

If an aspirant feels passionate about a specific subject or learning, teaching will be an ideal vocation because it will answer how to become a teacher.

2. Choose which level to teach

Candidates can choose between elementary and secondary school teaching. However, higher secondary school teaching is not a direct recruitment option (except for experienced candidates).

3. Apply for the CTET exam

CTET is the preliminary eligibility test for the teaching profession. This is the stepping stone to commencing your teaching career. Although separate states administer the Teacher Eligibility Test, those who apply for CTET may profit by passing a single exam that leads to career prospects across the country. 

Candidates will be told about the exam through prominent newspapers during August, and the announcement is posted on the official website. 

4. Apply for jobs

If candidates pass the CTET or any other Entrance Exam, they can apply for teaching job positions of their choice.

How To Become a Teacher After 12th?

BE.d is the minimal required and necessary qualification to become a teacher in India. Aside from that, people seeking to become teachers must obtain a postgraduate degree in an appropriate discipline. 

Candidates interested in becoming primary and pre-primary teachers must take several national and state-level entrance exams like TET, TGT, PGT, and so on, after which they are enrolled in various government-sponsored primary and pre-primary schools.

How To Become a Government Teacher?

Some of the essential procedures to become a Government Teacher are as follows:

UG Preparation: Candidates who have completed the 12th grade with at least 60% aggregate marks may pursue their goal of becoming a government teacher. After completing the 12th grade, students must sit for particular entrance tests to pursue a B.Ed. According to their course and qualification, these tests are TET/CTET/STET or NET. After passing these tests, individuals can enrol in B.Ed. Programmes and follow their dream of being government teachers.

PG Preparation: After completing their B.Ed., applicants can pursue M.Ed. for advanced studies, as certain schools prefer teachers with more experience and knowledge.

What is The Qualification Required To Become A Teacher?

A bachelor’s degree in education is required for candidates to become teachers in India (B.Ed). One might also take a master’s degree in education (M.Ed) to complement their qualifications and boost their employability.

Is Teacher a Good Career?

Teaching is a highly respected profession because teachers shape the minds of children. You have a lot of vacation time as a teacher, and your working hours aren’t long. Teaching is one of the most respected jobs in society since it contributes to the development of moral citizens. 


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Q1: What is a Tutor?

A: A teacher who teaches a student outside of school, mainly to provide extra assistance with a challenging subject: His parents hired a tutor to assist him with his maths. Throughout my sickness, I was tutored at home by several tutors.

Q2: What to study to become an Online Teacher?

A: You must have a postgraduate degree in a teaching subject (non-professional degree courses) and a Bachelor of Education (B. Ed.). You can pursue postgraduate studies in any field.

Q3: How to get a Teacher job?

A: Job Hai is a web page or application you should visit or download respectively to secure a career as a teacher.