What is Nursing? What Does a Nurse Do?

By: Job Hai | February 28, 2023 3 min read
What is Nursing? What Does a Nurse Do?

Nurses, sometimes known as “frontline fighters,” are the eminent pillars of the healthcare system. They are caretakers and nurturers who accompany patients after undergoing a medical procedure or being treated by a doctor. They are also the primary link between a doctor and a patient, ensuring that patients recover after treatments and receive sufficient care to restore their well-being. If you are wondering what is nursing? And how to pursue a career as a nurse. This article will provide all the information you require. 

What is Nursing?

Nursing includes health promotion, sickness prevention, and the care of the sick, disabled, and dying. They are educated to conduct many medical activities that patients require throughout their hospital stay, such as drawing blood, running diagnostic tests, and assessing the patient in their care, among other things.

What Does a Nurse Do?

They monitor the health status of patients and prepare them for suitable therapy. Staff nurses track any progress in a patient’s health and record them to aid in the future. Staff nurses conduct a variety of actions to improve patients’ health, from sickness prevention to medication administration.

What are The Types of Nursing Courses?

The three types of Nursing Courses are: 

  • Auxiliary Nursing Midwifery: This course teaches how to set up an operating room, keep records, care for various equipment, and provide medication to patients on time. Students with an aggregate score of 50% and above in 10+2 and above age 18 can apply for this course. 
  • General Nursing Midwifery: this is a 3.5-year diploma program. Students who pass their class 12 test in the Science stream and want to pursue a GNM diploma can do so.
  • BSc. Nursing: This is a four-year undergraduate degree focusing on creating critical care, progressive thinking abilities, competency, and values required for skilled nursing and midwifery practice. 

What are The Categories of Nursing Personnel in The Hospital?

The types of nursing personnel in the hospital are:

  1. Clinical Nurse: A clinical nurse, often known as a “clinical nurse specialist,” is a medical practitioner who performs a wide range of health examinations.
  2. Registered Nurse: RNs in the operating room aid doctors with operation preparation and assist with surgeries and other complex medical procedures.
  3. ICU nurse: ICU nurses provide crucial care to critically ill or injured patients in the intensive care unit.

What are The Skills and Qualifications Required To Be a Nurse?

Communication, leadership, problem-solving, analytical, teamwork, and a qualified degree in nursing are the skills and qualifications essential to be a Nurse.

What is The Salary of a Nurse?

In India, the average monthly income for a nurse is Rs. 19,696. In India, the average yearly income for a Registered Nurse (RN) is 298,781 LPA.


Nursing as a career is rapidly expanding in developed countries and developing countries such as India, owing to increased health awareness and medical facilities worldwide. The increased demand for nurses in and outside of India has made this profession more appealing to many. If you are looking for jobs in Nursing, JobHai’s online job portal can help you find the best job. It offers 100% free and verified jobs.


Q1: What do you mean by Nursing? 

A: Nursing involves the autonomous and coordinated care of people of all ages, families, and communities, whether ill or well, and in all settings.

Q2: What qualifications do you need to become a Nurse? 

A: A Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing & Midwifery, BSc Nursing, from a reputable institution is the minimal educational need for becoming a nurse.

Q3: How to get a Nursing job?

A: To secure a nursing job, view job postings online, fill out job applications, and clear the selection process. Apply for Nursing jobs at Job Hai.