What is Field Sales? Job Duties, Salary & Career

By: Job Hai | November 4, 2022 5 min read
What is Field Sales? Job Duties, Salary & Career

Are you looking to get a job in field sales? Maybe you want to expand your sales department and hire a new field sales representative to complement the inside sales turn. Whatever would be the case, you have come to the right place. Under this guide, you can understand what is field sales.

What is Field Sales?

Before you take up the job, you need to understand what is field sales. Field sales are also known as outside sales. It is the act of selling products or services from outside of the general office setting. Experts need to travel to the prospects and engage them face-to-face to do this. Inside sales are the opposite of field sales, where the sales have to sell the prospects from a distance, and these kinds of representatives do not meet with leads in person; instead, they just use phone calls, emails, or text messages to connect with the prospect.

Field Sales Roles & Responsibilities

You would be responsible for the following if you take up this job and also understand what a field sales executive is.

  • You need to generate all the sales reports weekly and submit them to the management.
  • You need to use all the available resources to reach out to the prospects in an attempt to turn those prospects into customers for the company.
  • You have to collaborate with the management team to improve the marketing materials and expand the company’s marketing presence per the company’s objective.
  • You must understand and attend the industry trade shows to accumulate new leads and make productive contact with current clients.
  • You must update all the client information in the company contact database besides connecting with them regularly.
  • Don’t forget to stay on top of industry trends to identify the prospects and opportunities for the company’s growth.

Things required to start a career in Field Sales

You would also know the skills required to start a career in field sales if you understood what a field sales representative is.

Positive thinking

Positive thinking is essential if you want to make a career in field sales because It motivates you to grow leaps and bounds in this field.


Resilience is the capacity to cover any challenges quickly. Salespersons are problem solvers at the core who have the solutions to all the problems. Therefore, you need to be resilient and patient in difficult times while working as a field sales representative.

Active listener

Being a Field sales representative, you need to be a good listener and push the boundaries to offer help and guidance the customer requires. When you are an active listener, you can sustain sales because you must listen and comprehend the customer’s requirements.

Qualifications Required for Feild Sales

You need the following qualifications to get a job in the field sales sector.

  • You must have a bachelor’s degree in business administration or a required field.
  • You should have a work experience in field sales for at least four years.
  • Must have strong computer skills and an understanding of spreadsheet software.
  • You should be self-motivated and comfortable working with little or no direction.

Field Sales Salary

The average annual salary for a field sales job is 3.1 lakh INR.
The estimated take-home salary for field sales presentative is 21,900 INR to 23,360 INR.

A Career in Field Sales

A career in field sales is meaningful because it is about earning potential. You can earn a high income depending on how much you sell. You also have job security. The best part about choosing field sales is that you can have a work-life balance as you can set your schedule and then ask the company to offer you work depending on that schedule.

Filed Sales Interview Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked interview questions. To ace the interview, you must prepare honest answers to these questions and show how passionate you are about the job.

Why are you passionate about Field sales?

If the interviewer asks you why you are passionate about field sales, you should say that you have excellent interpersonal skills. You are also passionate about providing superior customer service.

How to make Field sales?

If you want to make field sales, then you have to stay organized, and you should tell your story before you even start selling your products.

Other questions may include the following:

  1. Describe a sales technique that you prefer?
  2. How do you convince a client to try your service or product?
  3. When do you know to stop while pursuing a client?

Field sales is an exciting job domain. If you are looking forward to making a career in it, you need to study the field and understand how it functions. The field has a lot of potential and immense job openings to which you can apply Jobhai.com. Start applying for Field sales jobs today!


What does Field sales mean?

Field sales mean selling the product or services of the company outside the office.

What is a Field sales executive?

A field sales executive is tasked with generating new business and ensuring the existing clients are wholly serviced, and new offers and proposals are put forward.

What is a Field sales manager?

A field sales manager monitors the sales representative’s efforts to ensure that enough sales are closed. In addition, they will oversee the experts working remotely or out in the field.

What does a Field sales executive do?

Field sales executive travels 2 locations to advocate the supply of products to the customers that have been targeted and the ones who are already dealing with the same.

Is Field sales a good job?

Yes, field sales is an excellent job because you can have the potential to earn a better salary, and to succeed in this job, you must have the drive to grow your sales skills.

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