What is Event Management? What Does An Event Manager Do?

By: Job Hai | February 28, 2023 4 min read
What is Event Management? What Does An Event Manager Do?

The event management industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in India. It allows you to work under big event management firms and provides creative job opportunities. To pursue event management, you will need to learn about the functions and duties of an event manager and the types of events you will need to manage. 

This article talks about what is event management and all possible career prospects. Read further to learn more about event management.

What is Event Management?

The process of organizing and managing an event is known as event management. It includes everything from initial planning to planning post-event strategies. These events can be large or small, business conventions, training seminars, industry conferences, trade fairs, ceremonies, parties, concerts, festivals, press conferences, and more. 

What Do Event Managers Do?

The Event Manager is responsible for planning, facilitating, and ensuring the smooth running of the event program and individual events. These can include anything from weddings to virtual meetings. As an event manager, you will organize conferences, seminars, and art shows, as well as parties and company trips.

What Is Event Planning?

Event planning includes coordinating all details of events such as conferences, conferences, trade fairs, ceremonies, retreats, and parties. An event plan is an important document that outlines your event’s elements. 

Event planning includes budgeting, setting the schedule, selecting and reserving venues, obtaining permits, planning catering, coordinating transportation, developing themes, organizing activities, selecting speakers and keynote speakers, selecting facilities, and Including facility organisation, risk management, and emergency planning.

What are The Types of Event Management?

The three major types of event management are: 

  1. Wedding Event Management

Wedding planning is a profession in and of itself because this event is in high demand all year and necessitates client communication and collaboration. Wedding event managers may work for wedding planning companies or as sole proprietors.

  1. Birthday Event Management

A birthday party is one of the most common events clients demand at event management companies. It requires a lot of planning and organisation, from managing the catering to decoration, etc. 

  1. Sport Event Management

Sporting and competitive events range from holding bike races to closing roads to setting up auditoriums for thousands of computer gamers. Typical venues are sports stadiums, auditoriums, village halls, city centers- anywhere a competition can be safely held.

What Are The Skills and Qualifications to Become an Event Manager?

Event management is a collaborative effort across teams. Professionals ready to enter event management should possess the following skills:

  • Organisational Skills
  • Communication.Skills
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Multitasking
  • Problem-solving skills

To  become an event manager, you must complete 10+2. After that, you must pursue an undergraduate degree of BA/BBA in event management.

Which are The Best Event Management Companies?

Some of the best Indian event management companies include:

  • Wizcraft
  • Percept
  • Pegasus
  • Cineyug
  • E-Factor

What is The Salary of Event Managers?

The average yearly salary of an event manager in India is around INR 4.8 lakhs.

Is Event Management a Good Option to Pursue as a Career?

It is a good career choice as it does not require a large investment and gives you a lot of flexibility and independence in working. If you have a passion for event planning and good organisational skills, you can have a successful event management career. There are various benefits of pursuing event management in India. These include:

  • It is a rapidly growing industry
  • Good job prospects
  • Freelance opportunities
  • Creative and fun jobs


Event planning focuses on creating memorable experiences, fostering connections, increasing sales leads, and demonstrating success. Working all day long to create an unforgettable moment for the attendees is a challenging task. However, event management is a great career prospect. To apply for an Event management job in such big companies and agencies, you can visit Job Hai. It is an online job platform that allows you to look for a job in the field of your choice. You can apply as per your requirements, location, and salary. 


Q1: What is an Events Coordinator?

A: An event coordinator organizes events, handling everything from client meetings to clean-up. Budgeting, scouting, reserving locations, undertaking media engagement, lining up patrons and celebrity appearances, and acquiring food and drinks are probable responsibilities of an event coordinator.

Q2: What is meant by Event Management?

A: The process of organising and managing an event is known as event management. It includes everything from initial planning to post-event strategy. An event manager begins by planning decisions such as the time, destination, and concept of one‘s event.

Q3: How can one become an Event Manager?

A: Students can pursue Certificate, Diploma, Undergraduate, or Postgraduate Event Management Courses from some of the top Event Management Colleges in the country, including NIEM- Mumbai, EMDI, AIMC- New Delhi, INLEAD, National Academy of Media & Events, ISBM-Bangalore, and others.

Q4: How to get an Event Management job?

A: To start working as an event manager, you can begin by getting internships in an event management company. You can also take up freelance tasks. However, they tend to get pressured. Interning under an established agency will provide you with experience and insight into event management. You can look for beginner jobs at Job Hai.