Who is An Electrician? How To Become an Electrician?

By: Job Hai | February 16, 2023 3 min read
Who is An Electrician? How To Become an Electrician?

Did you ever wonder what life was like before electricity? Electricity is one such basic necessity that is required to do day-to-day activities. It plays a significant role in today’s world of advancement and technology. Now a job of an electrician at first sight may appear to be an easy occupation. it’s all just wires and circuits, but it’s more than that.  Though working closely at installation sites is a crucial component of the job.

If you’re thinking about becoming an electrician, this piece of writing will let you know everything you need to know in terms of the income prospects, what is an electrician, how to become an electrician and what are the courses required to become an electrician. So dive in!

What is an Electrician?

Electricians are responsible for installing new electrical circuits, repairing, rewiring existing circuits, and testing and fitting. It is generally considered a demanding career and comes with certain dangers and risks in life.

What Does an Electrician Do?

Electricians are responsible for inspecting, testing, repairing, installing, and modifying electrical components and systems. It is a highly skilled job and requires hands-on experience in the field. Some of the biggest responsibilities of electricians are:

  • Installing and repairing circuits, systems, and wiring
  • Testing electrical systems to ensure proper installation
  • Installing safety and distribution components
  • Ensure adequate inventory of necessary supplies and part

What are The Courses One Need to Become An Electrician?

Though becoming an electrician will require you to work on sites and might be uncomfortable at first but it is not dreadful. Some of the common courses that are covered in all the different training or degree programs for electricians are given below:

Cabling And Wiring

This course may include grounding techniques, wiring basics, safety procedures, panel board installations, and load calculations.

Electrical System And Design

In this course, one of the most elementary tasks that electricians will be required to do is installing electrical systems, which includes electrical system projects and the capacity to read blueprints.

Trigonometry And Algebra

In this course, electricians are often required to make swift calculations, even while they are out of the field, with the help of standard equations that may comprise factors such as frequency, phase, voltage, etc.

Magnetic And Electric Fields

This course studies the interaction between the magnetic and electrical fields and how they may influence electrical safety protocols, supply, and distribution.

What is The Salary of An Electrician? 

The average salary for an electrician is ₹15,094 per month in India. The highest paying cities near India for Electrician are given below:

  • Bengaluru, Karnataka: ₹17,167 per month
  • Mumbai, Maharashtra: ₹17,030 per month
  • Hyderabad, Telangana: ₹16,748 per month
  • New Delhi, Delhi: ₹16,407 per month
  • Noida, Uttar Pradesh: ₹16,333 per month

Where To Find Electrician Job Vacancies?

Looking at today’s scenarios, it is an in-demand industry with limitless options. Thanks to the rise in the demand value for electricians, the benefits of attaining an associate’s degree are more apparent than ever. You can apply for Electrician jobs at various online platforms for an electrician job, like Job Hai. 


Therefore, knowing so many aspects about how to become an electrician, I am sure you would not say that being an electrician is easy. It is much more than simply working with wires. Being an electrician entails more than just theoretical knowledge; you must be logical and must have practical knowledge as well. Furthermore, if you have skill, you can apply for a job at Job Hai, which has numerous listings of electrician careers.  


Q1: What is a residential Electrician?

A: They are the most common type of electricians responsible for installing, maintaining, and troubleshooting electrical systems in residential systems like stand-alone houses and residential buildings.

Q2: What is a domestic Electrician?

A. It is the type of electrician that provides connections to electrical appliances. Troubleshoot problems in domestic appliances and service them.

Q3: What do Electricians do on a daily basis?

A. Electricians work to install, repair, and maintain power, lighting, communications, and control systems.