How To Become An Ola driver? How much Ola Driver Earns?

By: Job Hai | February 16, 2023 3 min read
How To Become An Ola driver? How much Ola Driver Earns?

Using taxi services is now effortless thanks to Ola, the first Indian cab aggregator company. The company Ola, formerly known as OlaCabs and now owned by ANI Technologies Pvt. Ltd., was founded by two IIT Bombay graduates in December 2010. 

Ola works with several taxi operators and drivers and incorporates cutting-edge technologies into the system rather than buying and leasing its vehicles. Thanks to this, users of the Ola app may now instantly book cabs. You can easily register your car at Ola and become an Ola Driver.

What is Ola?

Ola is one of the largest ride-hailing firms in the world and the largest mobility platform in India. By connecting consumers to drivers and a variety of vehicles, including bikes, auto-rickshaws, metered taxis, and cabs, the Ola app provides mobility solutions. Millions of users and drivers partners profit from this usability and transparency.

How To Become An Ola Driver?

To become an Ola driver in India without a car, you must fulfil the conditions below and be in possession of the necessary papers.

  • A valid commercial driving permit (Yellow Badge)
  • PAN card and Aadhaar card
  • Bank Details (Cancelled checks/Passbooks) 
  • Four References (Including Phone Numbers and Addresses) 
  • Evidence of a current and fixed address

However, if you own a car and want to use it in Ola’s name, you will need to provide additional proof.

  • Vehicle Registration Certificate 
  • Vehicle Permit
  • Valid Car Insurance Policy Details 

You will be permitted to drive for Ola if you satisfy these standards. For the same, you can register at the Ola website.

How To Join Ola Bike?

Customers can use Ola bikes as a less expensive form of transportation. On the company website, candidates can submit an inquiry if they are interested in working with Ola on these services by submitting their contact information and that of the vehicle.

How Much Does An Ola Driver Earn?

After taxes, bonuses, and other incentives, an Ola driver may anticipate receiving an average monthly salary of 33,521 rupees. The monthly salary range for ola drivers is Rs. 15,277 to Rs. 76,819. This estimate is based on 25 Salary Reports for Ola Driver that were manually or statistically tallied. 

How To Join Ola With My Car?

You can visit the neighbourhood Ola office. The city staff will be happy to assist you with the registration process. Typical registration procedures include the following:

  1. Documents verification
  2. The car and driver must pass a compliance audit.
  3. Driver’s training 
  4. Contract signing and product delivery

How To Apply For an Ola Driver?

To apply for Ola Driver, you require a certain documentation process, which includes:

  • A private rental car licence (paper licence).
  • Vehicle insurance policy paperwork (should contain the name of the driver and vehicle details, otherwise, hire agreement or permission letter or full policy schedule).
  • A certificate for an MOT (Less than six months old).
  • Vehicle logbook or a New Keeper’s Slip.


Ola is reasonably priced, and by offering a car ride, it answers the needs of individuals who prefer to avoid using a vehicle for transportation. Additionally, their facilities are growing. They now provide the option to rent bikes, which is especially helpful for individuals who prefer to travel alone, are pushed for time, or want to avoid traffic. Moreover, if you have a good experience in driving, you can apply for a job through Job Hai, which provides a variety of positions.


Q1: How much does Ola pay their drivers?

A: An average cab driver’s salary at Ola Cabs ranges between Rs 0.3 Lakhs to Rs 4.5 Lakhs.

Q2: Does Ola rent cars to drivers?

A: Yes, Ola rents cars to drivers.

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