Types of Delivery Boy Jobs and Shift Timings

By: Job Hai | October 3, 2022 5 min read
Types of Delivery Boy Jobs and Shift Timings

A delivery executive/driver is a person who is responsible for transporting packages from one place to another. It may be a personal delivery or a professional one. The delivery executive is provided with various packages and their drop locations and has to finish the deliveries in the given time frame. They deliver a wide variety of items by analyzing the locations, making the best route out of them, and maintaining different time schedules. Now that we know what is a delivery partner, let us talk about how to become a delivery boy.

Different Types of Job Positions for Delivery Boys 

Delivery job has a variety of types. They range from full-time to part-time delivery jobs and the different types of products they deliver. First, we will be talking about full-time and part-time delivery jobs. You can either make money by working as a full-time delivery partner or do the job for some hours of the day by taking up the option of working as a part-time delivery boy.

You will have to be much more determined for a full-time delivery job as the working hours can extend to 10-12 hours. On the other hand, in a part-time delivery job, you can choose the working hours, usually 3-4 hours and enjoy your free time. In addition, the full-time delivery job helps you make more money as your delivery count is higher than that of a part-time job.

Now, talking about the other types of the delivery job based on the items delivered:

1. Food Delivery Jobs 

The primary responsibility in food delivery jobs is to take the food package of the specific order number from the restaurant partner and deliver it to the customer. In a food delivery job, you also must ensure that you collect the right amount of money in cash on delivery orders. Usually, companies provide an official app to the delivery partners in which they are provided with the location of the restaurant and the customer. They have to keep updating the status of the delivery in that app, like when the food package has been picked up and when it has been dropped at the given location. 

2. Courier Delivery Jobs

As the name suggests, a person must transport couriers from one place to another in this delivery job. The difference in this kind of delivery job is that if you are transporting the goods through a truck or other heavy motor vehicles listed by the government, you must have an official license. In addition, to be a great courier driver, you must be disciplined, show up consistently, and deliver as many packages as possible in a limited time.

3. E-commerce Delivery Jobs

In this kind of delivery job, the types of items you transport depend on the company you work with. Depending upon your contract, your working hours and shift timings will vary. As this job requires exceptional time management skills, you must be able to manage all the deliveries allotted to you in the given time.

Delivery Boy Age Limit 

The minimum age for becoming a delivery boy is 18 years, and the maximum age varies from company to company. Many companies do not limit the maximum age for the job of delivery boy.

What Will be Your Working Hours?

You can easily choose your working hours in the field of delivery jobs as it offers various working shifts. You can either work as a part-time or full-time delivery boy.

In a part-time delivery job, you will have to work for 4-6 hours per day, and in full-time delivery jobs, you will have to work 9-10 hours per day. The companies usually offer the following shifts for delivery jobs:

Morning Shift7 AM to 3 PM
Evening Shift3 PM to 11 PM
Night Shift11 PM to 7 AM

Benefits of Becoming a Delivery Boy

  1. Delivery jobs prove to be very convenient for people as they offer decent salaries and a variety of working hours.
  2. They do not have to complete the work at home, so there is less work-related stress.
  3. They get to be their own boss as there is no continuous supervision of them.
  4. Many companies offer insurance too (under some terms and conditions)
  5. It is easy to get employed
  6. They get bonuses and tips often.

Disadvantages of Delivery jobs

  1. Often, customers refuse to accept the orders, do not show up at the drop location or do not answer the calls of the delivery boys. In that case, you must take the order from the headquarters of the company you are working with, leading to time and fuel wastage. 
  2. The demand for delivery boys is highest on the weekends. So, to make more money, delivery people mostly take up more jobs during weekends. You can only take off on the weekdays, i.e., Monday to Thursday.
  3. You might also have to work during the festive season.
  4. Driving for longer durations leads to exhaustion and back and body pain.
  5. You might have to work regardless of the weather conditions.


What all sectors can a Delivery boy work in?

Delivery jobs are open to a colossal number of sectors. Some of them are

Can I apply for the Delivery boy job if I don’t have a bike?

Having a motor vehicle is a necessity in some companies, but you can apply to the companies which provide their own motor vehicle. In that case, you will be responsible for cleaning, washing, and fueling the bike on your own.

How can I check for vacancies for Delivery jobs?

You can easily apply for Delivery jobs online at Jobhai.com or visit the recruitment centers as delivery boys are always in demand, so you will not have to leave disappointed.

What is the job of a Delivery boy?

The job of a delivery boy is to load and deliver the items to a particular address. The item can be food, parcel, medicine, clothes, footwear, or anything, depending on what the consumer has ordered and your company.