How to Apply for Zomato Delivery Boy?

By: Job Hai | September 19, 2022 4 min read
How to Apply for Zomato Delivery Boy?

Zomato is emerging as the top delivery company for delivering food. Best restaurants from around the country serve food at doorsteps via Zomato. People love Zomato’s creative and inspiring social media posts besides the delicious food. But this is not it! One of the main reasons people love Zomato is because it treats its delivery partners the best and offers maximum perks. If you also want to join Zomato, then read ahead. Here we will tell you about the qualifications required, responsibilities and more about how to become a Zomato delivery boy.

Qualifications required to become a Zomato Delivery boy

The following educational background is required to join as a Zomato delivery boy:

  1. You must have passed high school with a high school diploma or equivalent
  2. You must be able to understand basic English

Age limit

Zomato offers a job as a delivery boy to all age categories. However, age is one of the most significant factors when you apply online. The minimum is 18 years, & there is no limitation on the maximum age limit.

Responsibilities of a Zomato Delivery boy

A Zomato delivery boy is expected to fulfill the following responsibilities during their work shift:

  1. Ensuring that the Covid guidelines are properly followed because the platform of Zomato claims to be safe for the user’s health. Such as proper sanitization, wearing a mask, maintaining distance from the customer and checking their body temperature.
  2. Ensure the order reaches safely in time at the customers’ location.
  3. Checking that the customer pays the right amount through online mode or cash on delivery.
  4. Completely prohibiting rash driving as it defames the Zomato platform’s name.
  5. Communicating with the customer gently, in a very civilized way, so that Zomato gains repeat business as Zomato delivery boys directly represent Zomato.

What skills do you need?

  1. Profound knowledge of road safety rules.
  2. Thorough knowledge of local roads and routes.
  3. Efficient time management skills.
  4. Operative communication skills.

Advantages of becoming a Zomato Delivery boy

  1. This job is an immediate solution to your problem of earning extra money as it provides immediate joining.
  2. Zomato delivery boys are paid weekly, which is convenient for those joining the occupation.
  3. One biggest advantage can be the flexibility of the job. You can choose your shift timings or whether you want to work full-time or part-time.
  4. You can rest during the breaks.
  5. The company provides you with free insurance by some terms and conditions.

Disadvantages of becoming a Zomato Delivery boy

  1. You will have to work in every weather condition, whether it be extremely cold, sunny, or raining.
  2. The bike maintenance expenses and the fuel charges are to be paid by the delivery boy.
  3. Riding a bike for a long duration leads to body and back pain.
  4. Daily traveling leads to exhaustion.
  5. You must submit the order to the office if the customer does not attend to your calls.

Conditions to become a Zomato Delivery boy

  1. If the Zomato delivery boy cancels the order, they have to pay the penalty on their own.
  2. You have to be patient during the pickup and drop stages. You may have to wait for 10- 15 mins.
  3. Wearing the Zomato uniform t-shirt is mandatory during working hours, and you must also carry the bag provided by the company.

Holidays for Zomato Delivery boy

Zomato is not very broad when it comes to taking holidays. However, weekends are an absolute need for the company as order percentage is highest on the weekends, so you cannot take off on the weekends. Therefore, every week you can take one holiday from Monday to Thursday.

Now that you know everything about how to become a Zomato delivery boy, you can check out current openings related to delivery boy jobs at Simply apply the filters and find out the job openings that match your requirements. Your big break waits ahead!


Is it necessary to wear the Zomato uniform while delivering food?

No, Zomato has not made it mandatory to wear a red t-shirt while delivering the food. Delivery partners are free to wear their choice of clothing.

I don’t have a Bike. Can I join Zomato as a Delivery boy with the Cycle?

Yes, you can join as a Zomato delivery boy even with a cycle. Just pick the delivery that are closest to reach on time.

Can I join Zomato as a part time Delivery boy?

Yes, you can join Zomato as a part-time delivery boy. Zomato’s working hours are flexible and you can work as per your availability.

Does Zomato provide vehicles to the Delivery boys?

No, Zomato does not provide vehicles to the delivery boys. The delivery partner will have to use their own bike or scooter to deliver orders.

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