What Does a Network Engineer Do? Salary And Career

By: Job Hai | February 28, 2023 4 min read
What Does a Network Engineer Do? Salary And Career

The first question that comes in everyone’s mind is, what is a Network Engineer? A network engineer is someone who deals with more planning, designing, and looking into the technicalities of computer networks.  

Network Engineers are in demand, and the profession is rapidly growing across the globe as per the employment projections, which state growth of 3% in the next decade. There are few questions which have remained unanswered but all of them will be answered in this blog as you read on about network engineers. 

What is a Network Engineer? 

A Network Engineer is a professional with the requisite technology skills to plan, execute and oversee the computer networks that support in-house data, sound, video, voice, and wireless network services. They can work within an organisation or between organisations. It can be called an executive role in the company, having outstanding qualifications and earnings.

What Does a Network Engineer Do?

The job of a network engineer can vary from organization to organization but few things are mandatory in their profile like:

  • Network Engineers primarily focus on delivering excellent network availability infrastructure to ensure users sustain themselves efficiently online.
  • They perform many duties, sometimes as computer network architects or security system engineers, working internally in an organisation or as outside consultants. 
  • Network engineers also work designing and implementing network configurations, troubleshooting performance issues, configuring the security checks like firewalls, and monitoring the network. 

How Does a Network Engineer Support?

The network engineers support has to be user friendly in multiple dimensions like:

  • The Network Engineers support in providing the backups for the network, which may fail at any point in time, and performing troubleshooting on programmes as and when required. 
  • Whenever there is a system failure, the Network Engineers prepare a post-mortem report and perform the trend analysis.
  • In case of any localized issue, they assist the departments individually and ensure effective administration. 
  • Network engineers also coordinate with multiple departments to help develop apt Linux network designs which run smoothly at all times. 

Various Types of IT Support Engineer’s Roles and Responsibilities?

There are two roles of an IT support Engineer, namely, IT Desktop Support Engineer and IT Helpdesk Engineer.

  • IT Desktop Support Engineer

A Desktop Support Engineer works to resolve the issues in a company’s computer system related to installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of required hardware and software. 

  • IT Helpdesk Engineer 

Helpdesk Engineers work to provide technical assistance and support and interact with customers on the phone or in person. It is more like a customer care call where the customers are assisted by the executive making sure that issue is resolved. 

There are multiple responsibilities on which a Network Engineer functions for its clients like:

  • Cloud networking architects assist the said organisations with the development of cloud infrastructure. 
  • Local area networks, commonly known as LANs, engineers help to install and maintain LANs for various enterprises.
  • Network security specialists for detecting and preventing any upcoming network security threats.
  • The network engineers also specialise in telecom, VoIP, and implementations of data centres.

What is the Salary of a Network Engineer?

The average income for a Network Engineer at an initial level is around Rs. 2,50,000, which can go as high as Rs. 8,20,000 with a few years of experience. Depending on the experience, the pay scale increases, and the field has a high scope in terms of pay.

Is Network Engineer a Good Career in India?

The growth of the IT sector is seeing enormous developments with each passing year, and the export of the Indian IT sector is generating billions of dollars. The number of network engineering jobs is also increasing as the industry grows, making the scope of network engineering high.


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Q1. Do you need a degree to be a Network Engineer?

A: Yes, qualifications like a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology, Engineering, or any other Computer-related field. An MBA is an additional degree that recruiters prefer. 

Q2. Who is a Network Engineer?

A: Network Engineer helps manage all technical network resources required for a business.

Q3. How to get IT support jobs?

A: There are multiple platforms where one can apply for the IT Support roles and one of the best way to apply is via Job Hai because it has all the vacancies mentioned on their website with very easy way to apply for the same.