What is a Back Office Job? Types, Salary and Career

By: Job Hai | October 14, 2022 5 min read
What is a Back Office Job? Types, Salary and Career

Businesses generally have two types of operations. Some of them are customer-facing, and others support these functions and are not seen by the customers. Back office jobs manage all the unseen functions like accounting maintenance and security. You might consider looking for a back office job if you are interested in a supportive role in the business where you often work with other employees instead of customers directly. This guide teaches you everything about back office jobs and specific types.

What is a Back Office Job?

A back office job is a position where you do not have to face the client. The rules generally involved tasks that support front office operations. Professionals in these positions might perform the tasks like creating budgets managing data completing office repairs or organizing office records. Often back office jobs require interaction and collaboration with front-office employees but never with customers or clients.

Skills required to work as Back Office Executive

If you want to work as a back office executive, then this skill depends on the type of work you are doing. They also depend on the organization’s requirements. But here are some common skills that you must have if you want to work as a back office executive-

Strategic Planning

It is becoming clear that the back office impacts the entire company, and companies understand the importance of back office staff as one of the most muscular arms in driving the business forward. The company’s need to strategically plan the department’s management and functioning for the long term is now assuming back office to be one of the essential critical roles.

Understanding the Business

Typically the back office employee had to manage the organization’s operational requirements. Still, today the roles take a more proactive approach where the employees need to understand the business development and the impact on the organizational strategy and activities. Hence you have to understand how the departments function.


with the ever-increasing demand for technology in all domains, the back office is not untouched, and executives need to learn to adapt and take on an active role in managing new technologies. The best quality data management analytics and planning tools would be the top trends that will drive back office technology in the future.

Back Office Executive Roles and Responsibilities

The roles and responsibilities of back office executives are mentioned here-

Data management

Managing data and information is one of the most critical responsibilities of the back office executive. The executive’s responsibility is to record, store, and organize information that plays a crucial role in the other business functions of the company. The executives are also in charge of documenting legal compliance and ensuring policies to provide an excellent level of support to all the team members.

Processing of the Projects

The back office executives are responsible for managing all the projects, and they have to manage orders, timely delivery of goods, and maintain the project schedules. They also coordinate the work of the team members and improve all the integration among the team to produce integrated work results. They also provide all the relevant information demanded by the team members to perform this project. The back office Executive also performs supported functions to assist the team members.


Some of the vital activities of the business include market prediction and forecasting. The back office includes an analyst team and is mainly responsible for analyzing and interpreting the market research interfaces. They extensively analyze the company situations and communicate the benefits and disadvantages to the top management to develop all the readiness. The analysis performed by the executive help the top management make all the informed decisions for the company. Back office executives perform internal and external analysis.


Back Office Job Types and Career scope

The types of back office jobs are mentioned here-

Banking and Finance

Major functionality areas in the back office jobs are related to compiling data and other documents in banks. Responsibilities also include getting credit records and collecting receipts besides customer deposits.

Bpo Industry

A Back Office job in the BPO industry offers excellent responsibilities that directly affect the business. BPO does business with B2B or B2C. Additionally, the non voice process in BPO deals with administrative work that includes preparing spreadsheets and creating reports.

Private Companies

Back office jobs in private companies are unique for every department. The majority of the company department other than sales also fall under this category. It features marketing directly online marketing, digital marketing, finance operations, and others.

Back office Salary

The average annual salary of a back office executive is 2,00,000 per annum. It means that the back office executive can take anywhere between 13,765 to ₹15,226 every month.

How to get a Back Office Job?

If you want to get the back office job, you must ensure that you have the requirements mentioned here-

  • You must have a bachelor’s degree in business administration or a similar field.
  • You must have previous work experience as an office secretary.
  • Amazing organizational skills
  • You should know about computer operating systems, including Ms software.
  • You should have a working knowledge of the CRM platform and should be able to work as a part of a team.
  • FAQs

    What is the work of the back office executive?

    The back office executives provide administrator and managerial support for the team working in the company’s front office.

    Is the back office job good?

    A back office job can be the perfect career for people who look forward to working in the office or are interested in working with some people majority of the day.

    What is a back office executive?

    The back office executive is the one that manages the administrative theme of the business and the world directly with the business clients or engages directly with customers.

    Is there any growth in the back office job?

    Yes, there is a lot of growth in the back office job. Even though the employees are invisible back office jobs allow the front of his people to perform customer-facing duties well. Back office experts usually perform the business’s administrative functions, including data entry, human resources accounting, etc.

    What is a back office in BPO?

    The back office job in the BPO industry offers responsibilities that affect the business directly. The eligibility criteria for this job role include graduate candidates with excellent communication skills. The candidate should also be able to provide customer service. You are providing resolutions to queries, showing that the customers raise.

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